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Kriya Yoga: Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner by Heidi Wyder

Kriya Yoga: Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner by Heidi Wyder This compelling book intertwines the life stories of four advanced spiritual masters of Kriya Yoga with the experiences of a young woman traveller after she arrives in Varanasi, India, and decides to learn some yoga. As a complete beginner hoping to get into shape, Heidi Wyder does not realise that a life-changing spiritual journey is about to begin... Buy book now on Amazon

Kriya Yoga: Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner

Returning to the source of Kriya Yoga, Wyder chronicles her personal progress on the much-sought-after meditation technique from the beginner's perspective, whilst exploring issues such as:
  • What is the key to lasting inner peace and happiness?
  • How were Jesus and other spiritual masters able to heal?
  • What are the secrets behind levitation and walking on water?
  • What is the difference between prayer and meditation?
  • What does breath-control have to do with finding God?
  • Why should a master with supernatural powers hide these from the general public?
  • How and why has Lahiri Mahasaya's Kriya Yoga been changed since its arrival in the West?
  • How can I recognise the original Kriya Yoga method?

You have probably noticed that yoga has become highly commercialised over the past three decades: Hatha Yoga is packaged as a workout, whilst Tantra Yoga is marketed as the answer to increasing sexual prowess. New varieties are constantly appearing, and a large proportion of the books currently available emphasise the physical aspect alone.

Kriya Yoga: Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner is different because it deals with the whole story of yoga. Whilst it clarifies the origin and purpose of Hatha and other branches of yoga, it is concerned primarily with its spiritual and mystical aspect.

The source of Kriya Yoga
At a time when many are propagating a changed method of the scientific technique, this book returns to the source and principles of Kriya Yoga. It explains why seekers should be wary of claims that five to ten minutes of meditation a day can lead to self-realisation and ultimate freedom; or that a few months will suffice in order to unlock the chakras and raise the kundalini. The original Kriya Yoga as given by Lahiri Mahasaya is no 'quick fix', and in Kriya Yoga the concept 'yoga meditation' is lent a clear and honest perspective once more.